The Deadliest Parade in San Francisco

IMG_5111 IMG_5105 IMG_5121 IMG_5126 IMG_5124

The dead

The painted

The haunted




Souls perched up on rooftops and window seals bellowing their lust for remembrance upon death

For those who forgot to live

For those who live a lie

Sickened by the living world which feeds them leftovers of life

Soak every inch of cloth and hair in paint and radiate the screams of which you hold within

Starve on life and only consume the richest of it, the most precious, so that every last taste is a golden memory

– Inspired on November 2nd, 2015 Mission and Bryant SF, CA

This is not Holloween. A part of what people love about the historical Mission District of San Francisco is the rich culture, art and celebrations. Pictured above, The Day of The Dead is one of them. El Dia De Los Muertos brings a deeper meaning with it than just beautiful costumes and handsomely morbid face paintings. The Day of the Dead is to remember those who are no longer here in ones family. People will dress up and display a picture and/or candles to parade through the streets during the evening. Originating in Mexico, such things as  visiting grave sites, creating alters for the lost ones, and lighting candles are also ways El Dia De Los Muertos is celebrated. In San Francisco, and other places like L.A., it can be a large spectacle that residents and tourists come to see regardless of beliefs. For more information on the Day of The Dead visit here

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