My 3 Favourite Books for Beginning a Sustainable Lifestyle

Not sure where to begin and understand how you can truly make a difference? My favourite books below have acted as a sort of bible for the transition from careless consumer to thoughtful and sustainable goal setting. The tricky world of zero waste and sustainability is a complex world to navigate if you actually do […]

6 Simple Things You Can do at Work to Reduce Your Footprint

We can all do a little something to be better citizens at work for the environment. Here are some simple changes which might not be so hard for you to take on:) Bring your own cup or mug to work, many companies have paper or plastic cups for employees to use. Bring your own lunch, […]

21 ways to have more fun at work

Do something you love Create purpose in what you do Listen to music when possible Be nice to people Schedule coffeebreaks with strangers Do a random act of kindness fo rsomeone Find out when everyones birthdays are and organize a surprise for someone Create relationships Find a problem at work you think you can solve Organize […]

Believe the One Reason You Should – Via Original Peice Mag

Today’s inspirational is: ‘Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.’ What that means is instead of finding all the different reasons why something won’t work out or seeing only negatives, find the one thing that will make it possible. Don’t dwell on the negatives when you […] […]

Words from Lao Tzu on Taming the Ego

True Words are not necessarily beautiful. Beautiful words are not necessarily truthful. One who is achieved does not argue, and one who argues is not achieved. One who knows the deepest truth does not need segmented information. One who knows vast amounts of information may not know the truth. One of deep virtue is not […]

Your Basic Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine

•No, you do not have to use needles •Yes, it does work. It has been proven to help reduce pain and symptoms of auto immune diseases, as well as utilized in cancer therapy and various other mental health problems. •It is not to replace emergency medical care. So if you get into a car accident, […]

Tai Chi – Scientific Studies to Inspire Your A$$ to Move Slowly

  Tai Chi versus brisk walking in elderly women Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA Outcomes:  A short style of Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) was found to be an effective way to improve many fitness measures in elderly women over a 3-month period. TCC was also found to be significantly better than brisk walking […]